How to be a Market Vendor

So You Want to Be a Vendor…

The Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market is open every Saturday, 8-2, September through July, on the 200 block of N. Kentucky Avenue and the 200 block of E. Bay Street.

We emphasize handmade, homegrown, wholesome products, with a few exceptions that are carefully controlled.  For this reason, not all vendor applications are accepted. Careful consideration is given to the product mix at the Market.  Highest priority is given to produce and other high quality food products.  Space is limited by category, not necessarily by the Market’s overall space availability. We are not a “flea market” or a place for ordinary resale of products. 

Applications are processed in the order they are received via the Online Inquiry Form.  Decisions are not made over the phone, so please be sure to follow the steps below to apply. The process may take several weeks as we ensure that the Market maintains the perfect balance of the highest quality products.  Communications throughout the application process are via email.

STEP 1 : Get to Know the Market

Before applying to be a vendor, we suggest visiting the Market to browse the products sold and experience its atmosphere.  Market Manager, Jim Luna is on site each Saturday to manage the operations of the Market. He is rarely available to discuss the vendor process in detail on these busy Saturdays, which is why the process is detailed here. You may also want to speak with some of the vendors to get their experiences at the Market. Our Facebook page  is another great way to get a feel for what goes on here and get a sense of our community.

We are not a “flea market” or a place for ordinary resale of products. We emphasize handmade, homegrown, wholesome products, with a few exceptions that are carefully controlled.

STEP 2 : Review the Vendor Agreement and the Rules & Regulations

Take a look at the LINKED DOCUMENTS at the bottom of this page to find out what kinds of documentation you will need, what the rules are, and the “fees” to be a vendor. We suggest reviewing all of the documents so you can be ready with any questions not answered in the documents.


  • Vendors do not need a business tax license from the city or county to be at the Downtown Farmers Curb Market. The Market’s tax licenses cover the vendors only at the Market and not other markets or locations.
  • Non-food vendors must have a sales tax ID number.
  • Food vendors have different criteria depending on whether they qualify under the Cottage Food Act (see link at the bottom of the page) or require a commissary kitchen. But all food vendors are required to have insurance with the LDDA as an additional insured.
  • All food vendors must have a food handlers license (unless qualify under the Cottage Food Act).
  • Non cottage food vendors need a commissary letter from the licensed business they use for the commercial kitchen unless they are a caterer/bricks & mortar food service business themselves.
  • Mobile “ready to eat” food vendors (meaning no bricks & mortar location) need a mobile vendor license with the state of Florida. Visit for more information. We limit the number of these so as to not compete with our Downtown restaurants.

For example, once approved to be at the market a vendor selling art, jewelry, woodwork, clothing needs only a sales tax ID number. A vendor with no bricks & mortar location selling ready-to-eat foods would need: 1. a state license, 2. food handlers permit/license, 3. insurance with LDDA as additional insured.


To ensure that each inquiry is answered timely and in order to track the process, we require that the vendor inquiry form be completed.  Step 4 can be done in conjunction with but not instead of step 3.

STEP 4 : Submit Your Products via Email

After completing the vendor inquiry form, prospective vendors should email the Market Manager with descriptions and photos of what you wish to sell at the Market. The Market Manager can not make product decisions over the phone.  He needs to see examples of what is to be sold.  Sometimes the Market has met its threshold of a certain type of vendor/product category and any additional ones go on a waiting list. For example, we wouldn’t want 4 different coffee vendors!

Maybe you represent a non-profit and would like a table at the Market to share your information. We allow that, with the approval of the Market Manager. We ask non-profits who wish to set up to 1) Provide something of value to the Market’s customers like a small treat along with information and 2) Stay for the duration of the Market’s hours, 8 a.m. – 2 p.m., unless prior exceptions have been granted by the Market Manager. Complete the Vendor Inquiry Form Online and the Market Manager by email to discuss.

We are always looking for new vendors and we are glad to receive all inquiries! Even if a category is full today, that does not mean we won’t have a need in the near future. It is best to send fill out the Vendor Inquiry Form and get started in the process. Thanks for your interest, and we hope you can join us!

STEP 5 : Complete the Vendor Agreement and provide required licenses, etc.

Once the Market Manager has approved your products(s) fill out the vendor agreement below!

Vendor Agreement July 2015  Vendor Agreement (Updated and Approved 7-16-15) You will be provided a copy of a fully executed Vendor Agreement once all parties have signed.
Cottage Food Advisory Final Draft