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Whether delighting in the fragrance of warm bread fresh from the oven, or taking pleasure in the sweetness of our delectable goodies, the Graceful Grains bakery products will be a wholesome addition to your family’s table. All of the baked goods at Graceful Grains are hand-crafted in our small batch bakery using wholesome, freshly milled organic and natural whole grains. You can be assured that all of the baked goods from Graceful Grains will be both healthful and delicious every time.

Each week we arrive early at the market with our baked goods including:

  • Breads and goodies made from naturally gluten free, freshly milled grains including rice, oats, tapioca starch and potato starch.*
  • Whole grain wheat breads including The 2015 Strawberry Festival Bread Category Grand Champion: Whole Grain Toasted Sesame Wheat Bread, as well as a number of additional goodies all baked from freshly milled grains
  • Paleo – our newest line that we are now developing is our Paleo line of baked goods – coming soon!

What Happened?

So…what happened to the age-old practice of baking with nutritious freshly milled grains in our American culture?!

Well, a dramatic change began to take place in the 1870’s with the advancement of technology in the grain milling industry…

Prior to the 1870’s, grain mills were located close to small towns and folks would purchase freshly milled whole grain flour on an as-needed basis to prepare a variety of nutrient-dense and delicious fresh baked goods. But when advanced milling processes were developed allowing millers to separate the germ, bran, and endosperm from within the flour, the high quality nutrition found in freshly milled whole grains was virtually lost, the general health of the public declined, and the millers were the happy recipients of a windfall of three separate streams of income derived from the new milling process: 1) a very shelf-stable white flour product that was not subject to rancidity as the nutrient-rich vitamin E oil and other important health benefiting aspects found naturally within the germ were removed, 2) the bran, and 3) the germ. Mills could now expand their market by shipping shelf-stable, nutritionally void white flour over long distances without fear of spoilage. They all got rich as the health of Americans dramatically declined!

And that’s where Graceful Grains comes in. We always use freshly milled organic and natural whole grains when baking our fresh bakery products so that our customers can enjoy great health from a variety of great grains!

I hope you will come visit with us at the Graceful Grains booth each Saturday at the Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market from 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.!

To your health!

Debra Bershak
Graceful Grains LLC
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* These products are not yet ‘certified’ gluten free as they are made on equipment that is also used for processing wheat.

Vendor FAQs

How long have you been in business? Almost two years.

How did you get started? When I learned about the health benefits of baking freshly milled grains, I knew I wanted to share it with others!

What kind of products do you offer? Everything we bake is from freshly milled organic and all-natural grains! Grand Champion Wheat Bread with chia, flax, quinoa, and local raw honey is a favorite.

What’s one thing that your customers might not know about your business? We do not allow flour into our bakery–only organic and all-natural grains that freshly mill into delicious, nutritious, power-packed, fresh breads and goodies.

What’s the best part about being at the Market? Meeting all the wonderful folks–locals and out-of-towners.

What is one thing that you plan to do in the future? We are planning to grow our business and begin selling our breads and goodies in local retail stores.