No Guilt Baking Company LLC

No Guilt Baking Company LLC offers low carb, keto-friendly breads, desserts, and more!

Business Name: No Guilt Baking Company LLC
Vendor Name(s): Darla & Andy Markley
How do you prefer for customers to contact you?
How long have you been in business?
A little over 2 years
How did you get started?
We started out with bettering our health through changes in eating habits and others wanted us to bake food for them so we started a business to sell food towards better health, especially for people with gluten intolerance and/or diabetes
What kind of products/services do you offer?
Baked foods, all gluten-free, sugar-free and keto-friendly. We also sell dry mixes for people who want to bake at home
What’s your favorite product/service that you offer?
Cookies and breads!
What’s one thing that your customers might not know about you personally–or about your product/service?
Darla has celiac disease while Andy has Type 2 Diabetes (currently in remission)
What do you enjoy about being a vendor at the Downtown Farmers Curb Market?
The people!
What is one thing that you plan to do in the future–in other words, what are your goals/dreams for your business?
We’re opening a full time bakery in March, here in Lakeland