Oh 4 Goodness Cakes

Oh 4 Goodness Cakes offers cookies, pastries, breads, and muffins, as well as laminated donuts. The owner Susan says, “Creating cakes are my passion!” Some new items she now offers are gluten-free carrot cake muffins, flourless chocolate brownies, and flourless chocolate fruit, as well as sponge cake with cream in the middle and french macaroons.  Customers can also look forward to challah and brioche bread in the near future. Susan says, “My Mission is to make the most yummiest cakes, pastries, and cookies using the very best in ingredients, [so] that the only way to describe them is simply by saying ‘wow.'” Stop by her booth and treat yourself!
Owner Name: Susan D. Hokanson
Email: oh4goodnesscakes1@yahoo.com
Phone Number: 863-398-3392
Website: oh4goodnesscakes.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/oh-4-goodness-cakes-com