Love Peace and Dye

Love Peace and Dye: “Love Peace and DYE is an inspired movement to raise social consciousness in all aspects of our culture and consumerism, and share our love for crafts. We infuse our love and passion for this planet and humanity by recycling everything we can.

Love Peace and Dye was founded on a shared belief that this earth is amazing and sacred, and nothing that we do should harm it. What sense does it make to harm the planet indefinately so that we all can have new, disposable, plastic, and sweatshop made items?

From T-Skirts, to baskets made from plastic irrigation material, to creatively designed jewelry, everything is in some form of being recycled, with an eye to keeping these items out of landfills.”

Owner Name: Tiffany Morgan Peri
Location: Glen Rock, PA; Eco Farm (Plant City, FL)
Phone Number: 717-676-1080