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Sisters Nancy, Linda, Laura, and Carol make up part of the Learning Gizmos’ staff in Warren, Michigan (and yes, we all get along!). We are joined by several cousins, nieces, friends and teachers that help create our family-owned Michigan based company designed for teachers and involved families.  Laura is now living in Lakeland, Florida, and she is excited to offer multi-generational, educational games and programs at the Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market.

One of most popular programs (for the past 18 years) is Family Game Events and they have made their way to Florida!    Laura has cohosted Multi-Generational Game Events at the First United Methodist Church of Lakeland (3 events actually – Neighborhood Ministries, Wednesday Family Dinners, and the Senior Adult Ministry), Haka Fitness, First Presbyterian Church of Lakeland – Parents with Small Children, Ladies Night Out in Lakeland with My Office Space, the Kiwanis Club of Mulberry and many more….

Here are some of the places Laura is currently working to bring these great events to Central Florida:

Grade School Game Events:  Learning Gizmos offers great educational games that reinforce:  math, language arts, science, critical thinking and so much more.  Because of the various levels of play with these games, they engage challenged to gifted students.

What happens at a Game Event?:  A Learning Gizmos Representative comes to your school with the best (and most fun) educational games.  Just before the event, we demonstrate the games to the teachers and then the students, parents (and sometimes grandparents) arrive for a night of great game play – with their teachers – how awesome is that!!  Parents love it because they play all the games with their children, learn the levels of play and can purchase games at the event.  Our Game Events also qualify for Parental Involvement Title 1 dollars.

If you are interested in hosting a game event at your school, go to Learning Gizmos School Game Events or contact Laura directly.

Church Communities:   The various ministries and outreach programs are always looking for fun new ways to bring their community together – young and old.  Learning Gizmos offers a variety of games ALL GENERATIONS can play TOGETHER.   This means a 5, 25, 55 and even 85-year old can play the same game, without anyone being left out!    We have witnessed multi-generational game play promote:  socialization, unity, respect, accountability, honesty, kindness, strengthen family bonds, and so much more.   Check out what First United Methodist Church of Lakeland had to say about Learning Gizmos – Family.

Offices – Big and Small:   Many businesses can have 3 or 4 generations in their  workplace. Playing multi-level games is a great way to bring everyone together -working to solve puzzles, friendly competition and just having a little fun at work.   Consider hosting a Game Event during lunch (especially in the summer!) or the last hour of the workday.  With our single, 2-player and group games, we have something for just about everyone – with a little brain fitness thrown in as an extra bonus!  Currently offered in the Lakeland, Florida area.

Seniors:  Learning Gizmos – Family provides the best multi-level games and activities to seniors, wherever they may gather…

  • 55+ Communities
  • Independent/Assisted Living
  • Community/Recreation Centers
  • Clubs/Associations/Non-Profits

The biggest misconception about our games is that the aging population thinks only their kids and grandkids should play them.  Well that is true, however, it is even more important for our aging population to play games and keep their minds sharp.   Many of our “retired” friends tell us how difficult it is to exercise your brain when you’re on permanent vacation!  Playing educational games reinforces cognitive skills – these are the core skills your brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention.   Let’s face it – we can use a little extra brain fitness!

Cost of a Game Event:   The cost for bringing this event to your organization is $100 plus a nominal mileage fee.  What a great investment in bring all types of families (school, work, church) closer together, while reinforcing cognitive thinking skills!

Other Items That May Interest You:

Consider starting a Game Lending Library for your organization.  Maybe a Game Event Fundraiser – Learning Gizmos-Family is always happy to donate a percentage of our sales, in games, back to your non-profit organization.

Success Stories:  The benefits to hosting Game Events are endless.  You witness true interaction, happiness, frustration, accomplishment, team work and sometimes just plain joy!  Here are only 2 stories of so many:

We had around 35 attendees for the Senior Lunch at FUMC of Lakeland.  Everyone was playing games and enjoying themselves except one woman sitting at a table all by herself.  Laura asked if they could take a walk around, visit and see if there’s anything she may want to do.  They came across a game called Quadefy and the woman joyfully pronounced “I can play that!”  She sat down with another woman and they played Quadefy for over an hour.  One of her girlfriends came up to Laura (with tears in her eyes) and told her “she has macular degeneration and can’t see any of the games, but she can see this game – thank you so much!”

We had a family that included 2 grandparents – 1 with dementia, 2 parents and 2 children – 1 with a learning disability.  They played 5 different games together and had a wonderful time!


Contact:        Laura Gaida

Cell:  586-467-2100

Corp. Office:  586-757-8488