Hey Mon Caribbean Cooking Magic

Hey Mon Caribbean Cooking Magic offers all-natural, low-fat Caribbean sauces, spices, and beverages with no fillers or preservatives. Their products are great for cooking meat, fish, poultry, and veggies, for spicing up sandwiches, or for using as a dip. Their motto is “Some are hot and some are not,” so you can be certain that there’s something for everyone! Plus, every product in their catalog is prepared by hand in their kitchen by Hey Mon himself, using fresh ingredients like onions, peppers, and fruit. So visit their booth at the Market and “feel free to take a chip and dip!” You can also check out their cookbook.

Owner Name: Levi Pirkle
Email: levipirkle94@gmail.com
Phone Number: 863-286-6482
Website: heymonsauces.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/heymonsauces