Wicked Chicken’s Deviled Eggs

Wicked Chicken’s Deviled Eggs is a veteran-owned and operated food truck and catering company based in Zephyrhills that specializes in gourmet deviled eggs. They transform customers’ everyday food faves into “eggstravagant” one-bite meals! Egg Lovers can revel in a unique culinary experience that will be sure to “eggcite” their senses! “These aren’t your Grandma’s deviled eggs.”

Owner Name: Lily Mohler
Location: Zephyrhills, Florida
Email: WickedChickensDeviledEggs@yahoo.com
Phone Number: (813) 312-5456
Facebook: Facebook.com/wickedchickensdeviledeggs
Instagram: Instagram.com/wickedchickensdeviledeggs
Twitter: Twitter.com/wckdchixdvldegz