Harmonious Greens

Harmonious Greens is a fully contained indoor farming system with a naturally growing method of chemical- and pesticide-free farming to grow the healthiest way of eating varieties of non-GMO greens, lettuces and herbs. We produce a large harvest of consumer favorites, such as Kale, Romaine, Spinach, Butter/Bibb lettuces, Spring Mix, Microgreens, Cilantro, etc and other special varieties upon request.

No longer guessing, the distance and health of your produce and experience 3x the shelf-life of grocery store products. Once you taste it, you realize the difference of freshness and quality and never will want to eat chemically treated and traveled-far lettuce.

Email: ray.reed@harmoniousgreens.com

Website: www.harmoniousgreens.com

Facebook: @harmoniousgreens