Eden’s Nectar

Eden’s Nectar is the brand of honey that is always sold in the region where it is extracted from the hive. “How do we do this…? By representing your local beekeepers and marketing their product direct to you. In conjunction with the West Central Florida Beekeepers, for the last 15 years, Eden’s Nectar has been able to bring the most beneficial and best tasting product to your table. We extract and bottle our honey according to each “season”–with every season there is a unique bouquet of nectars to produce a Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter honey. Come and taste the difference that seasonal local raw honey makes. We will be at the market fulltime, where you can taste the honey for yourself.”


Contact Name: Ginger Pecoraro
Location: Land O’ Lakes, FL
Email: skip@edensnectar.com
Phone Number: 863-934-4391
Website: edensnectar.com