Dutchy’s Granola

I have 8 flavors of Granola and two flavors of Granola Bars and love creating new items to offer my customers.  My newest item is a healthy Trail-mix with many of the different nuts, seeds, berries and non-wheat granola. I offer monthly and holiday specials. You can find me at the Market full time.
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Vendor FAQs

How long have you been in business? 3 years.

How did you get started? I have been making granola for family and friends for 10 years. They encouraged me to go into business.

What kinds of products do you offer? Homemade, healthy granola with flax seed, wheat germ, and honey. Also, homemade granola bars.

Personally, what’s your favorite product? Coconut almond granola. It’s great served over yogurt with fresh banana added.

What’s one thing that customers might not know about your product? My granola is served at Drica’s Coffee in Lakeland. She serves it over yogurt.

What’s the best part about being at the market? The customers!

What is one thing that you plan to do in the future? To sell my granola through the Internet so that it can be delivered straight to customers’ homes.