CJOK Kitchen LLC

CJOK Kitchen LLC offers low carb, keto-friendly breads, desserts, and more!

From the owner: “I am a retired nurse educator, who was forced to retire due to illness. I struggled with my weight and health most of my life. Then I discovered the keto way of eating (WOE). I hate to use the term diet, even though a happy side effect has been significant weight loss. I researched the ketogenic diet to prove from a medical standpoint how wrong the individual, who shared with me was. Instead, I discovered how wrong I was. What I had been taught and what I had taught others, didn’t match the science. So, I got on board and am so happy I did! Join me on this adventure by following my blogged journey at www.carbjunkieonketo.com. On my blog, I share my insights and the recipes that I enjoy.”

Vendor Name: Darla R. Markley and Andrew W. Markley Sr.

Location: Winter Haven, FL

Email: info@CJOK-Kitchen.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carbjunkieonketo/

Website: https://carbjunkieonketo.com/