Brown Cow LLC/C&S Farms

C&S Farms is located in Lithia, FL in Central Fl. We raise purebred registered dairy cattle and take pride in providing wholesome dairy products. Our cows consist of Guernsey, Jersey, Holstein, Brown Swiss and Ayrshire breeds. We have around 25 head of cows and milk our cows twice a day. We are 5th generation dairy farmers and are proud to provide fresh dairy products. We are a family operation and our kids are actively involved in daily operations. Our cattle are shown locally, throughout the state and at National Shows. Our kids are actively involved in 4-H and FFA and are involved in the management of the cattle.

Raw Milk is available daily. Our milk is labeled for pet consumption only and we are licensed with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to sell raw milk. Our milk is strained and bottled and then rapidly chilled.

Our milk is high in cream and because it is non-homogenized a cream line forms in the milk as the cream rises to the top!

Our milk is also non-pasteurized and the shelf life of our milk is 7-10 days.

We also offer A2A2 milk which is more easily digestible than A1 milk. A2 is the special protein in milk that makes our milk special!” Learn more on their website.

Vendor Names: Christopher and Suzanna Holcomb

Location: Lithia, FL