Artisan Angel, LLC

“LoveTeez is a division of Artisan Angel LLC, a privately held corporation located in Central FL.  For the past 5+ years Artisan Angel, LLC has focused on several projects both Artistic and Creative.  Last year we wanted to make a change and align our two passions in life… People and Arts, so we’ve decided to create an Enthusiastic, Inspirational, and Motivational apparel brand focused around Love and the Impact that it can make.  The vision: to change the world one T-Shirt at the time!   That’s how LoveTeez was born.  

The best thing about our LoveTeez’s customized T-Shirts is that each time you buy one of our T-Shirts not only will you be the canvas that inspires, motivates, and uplifts others, but you will also be making a difference and contributing financially at the same time as we donate part of the proceeds to Non Profits and charities that share the same desire to help those in need whether it be food for hungry children, cancer awareness, autism, or helping to save the lives of animals.

For more information, please visit our website, email us at or call us (863)-937-3844.  

You can also check us on social media: FacebookInstagram and Twitter.