Almora Sweets

Almora Sweets offers all natural, European style, artisan, cream cheesecakes in individual portions.

Vendor Name: Roxana Peled

Location: 5040 Lunn Rd, Lakeland, FL 33811



Here’s Almora Sweets story:

After traveling the world for years and experiencing the most exotic places, people and foods, we, a married couple from Romania, completely fell in love with Sunny Florida. We decided to take our two cats and everything we owned in our life and embark on the ultimate journey, the search for the 2018 version of the American Dream.

Our wish was to share all that world traveling experience through dessert.
With our European background we couldn’t think of anything better than Cream Cheesecake to do so!

Unlike the regular cheesecake, our Cream Cheesecake is not baked! It is a fresh, light, cold set, whipped cream and cream cheese dessert that is not too sweet and definitely not dense and heavy like the baked ones.

This all natural dessert is handmade in small batches, using only the highest quality ingredients.

It all started with our original recipe, the Cookie Crumbs, which celebrates the delightful, melt in your mouth Butter Cookie made from scratch in our kitchen.

We are using loads of flavorful European style butter and fresh egg yolks in a recipe that insures the perfect tenderness to its texture. You will find this super delicious butter cookie throughout most of our recipes unless the flavor really calls for chocolate. And when it does, this is again one of a kind.

All the chocolate we use in our kitchen is Callebaut Chocolate.

With more than 100 years of tradition in fine chocolate manufacturing, Callebaut is considered to be the best Belgian Chocolate in the world.

Our sensational homemade brownie, made with no cocoa powder but only their finest dark chocolate, is replacing the butter cookie, wherever a deeper chocolate experience is needed.

And because this Cheesecake is not baked, it simply offers the perfect stage for any vibrant, natural flavor to become a star. This gave us the opportunity to redesign an already wonderfully balanced dessert in dozens of insanely delicious flavors, all natural and all based on the real things.

To seal the deal, we are also topping most of the Cheesecakes with a matching all natural glazing, made with our own recipe of homemade jam from real fruits.

And because all this goodness is naturally set by cold (freezing them shortly) we thought of just leaving them frozen, for you to decide when you would like to thaw and enjoy.
Now all you need to do is come and find your favorite!