Update: Hurricane Relief Effort 2017

The Downtown Farmers Curb Market’s joint efforts with United City, Jet I.C.U., and Bandaid 4 Puerto Rico will continue this week thanks to the generous support of the Market staff and vendors, the Market customers, and the Lakeland community.

Last Saturday, September 30, customers and volunteers joined together to help individuals impacted by Hurricane Irma and Maria by donating money, supplies, and their time–packing boxes and writing heartfelt sympathy cards.

On Monday, October 2, Jim Luna, the Market manager, met with Jet I.C.U. and assisted in shipping 2100 lbs. of supplies via airplane to Puerto Rico. They received confirmation that the plane landed safely in Puerto Rico, and Jet I.C.U. staff was met by a Navy Seal who helped escort the supplies safely to a community church.

Efforts will continue this Saturday. “We will keep on going until there is no longer a need,” said Jim Luna, Market Manager. The Market will still be accepting donations of food and supplies. However, here is a particular need for First Aid supplies, bug repellent sprays or lotions, and over-the-counter medications. Donations via cash, check, credit card, or Paypal to United City or Bandaid 4 Puerto Rico are also welcomed.

As it stands, USPS deliveries are backed up for three or four weeks. New efforts will be focused on funding a 40-foot shippping container, which costs approximately $10,000. Jet I.C.U. will also continue to deliver supplies on their routes back and forth from Puerto Rico to help evacuees.