Vendors who wish to sell bath and body products made in Florida must possess a cosmetic manufacturing license in order to sell at the Market. Due to changes in the Florida regulations in 2017, they no longer have to register each individual product–but they do have to have a cosmetic manufacturing license. Products considered “cosmetics,” include–but are not limited–to bath bombs, body lotions, lip balms, hair oil, and beard oil. Soap is excluded.

From the Marie Gale website:

Florida Regulations – Changed 2017
After work by a number of people and groups, the Governor of Florida has just signed new legislation that makes it easier for cosmetic manufacturers in Florida.
Prior to the changes

Up until now, Florida Cosmetic Manufacturers were required to get a Cosmetic Manufacturing Permit at a cost of $800 every 2 years, and register each and every cosmetic product at $20 per product every 2 years (or when changed).

Needless to say, the costs alone were prohibitive, not to mention the burdensome paperwork associated with submitting registration paperwork including all ingredients and product labels for every product to be sold.

New Laws

The new legislation, just passed into law on June 2, 2017:

  • Eliminates all cosmetic product registration and fees
  • Changes to fees for Cosmetic Manufacturer Permits to “sufficient to cover the costs of administering the cosmetic manufacturing permit program.”


Cosmetic Manufacturer Permits

Cosmetic manufacturers are still required to get permits from the state in order to manufacture cosmetics. That has not changed, nor have the requirements for getting said permits.
General requirements for a permit are:

  • The permit may only be issued to a natural person (not a business entity) who is at least 18 years old.
  • An establishment that is a place of residence may not receive a permit and may not operate as a cosmetic manufacturer or repackager.
  • Good manufacturing practices must be sufficiently in place to ensure that the products produced are safe and are not (and won’t become) adulterated.
  • The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations, Division of Drugs, Devices and Cosmetics, handles the Cosmetic Manufacturer Permits.

Florida Soapmakers

None of this changes for soap that is exempt from the definition of a cosmetic — that is, it is the alkali salt of fatty acids, and is marketed and sold only as “soap”. No claims for the product can be made other than it “cleans” (no moisturizing, soothing, softening, or other “cosmetic” claims).

If you are only making soap that is exempt from the definition of a cosmetic, the cosmetic manufacturer regulations don’t apply to you.

Learn more at the Department of Business & Professional Regulation.