Market Closed Until Further Notice

On Thursday, March 12, Gov. DeSantis asked that communities cancel or postpone mass gatherings in hope of curtailing the spread of the Coronavirus.  We are complying with his request. As we find out where your favorite vendors might relocate on a temporary basis, we will update this post and share on social media.

Please join our text message group to get the most current updates. Text CURB to 41400 to receive updates.

As for March 14, a few vendors have a new location at Swan Brewing. See their message below from the Facebook event:

The Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market (at which we used to be a vendor) has decided to close the Market this Saturday, 3/14, in an abundance of caution regarding the corona virus. At Swan Brewing, we are aware that the local farmers must harvest regularly and sell, as it is their livelihood. And bakers gotta bake. Since our brewery is open Saturday, we have offered a select set of vendors from the Market who have perishables to sell at Swan this Saturday. We will have Debbie Butts (Ecofarm), Miriam Shapiro-Musoke (Aqua Organics), Salty Cow, @Baked. (sweets) and No Guilt Baking Company sell their goods at Swan! Also Ethos Coffee Roasters. PLEASE remember, that although we are open-air, we think that everyone should take precautions to wash their hands, wash whatever produce or product you buy, and stay away if you are sick or worried about the virus. But if you are as careful as you should be all the time, and you want a beer or two and some food at the food truck, we welcome you! We have hand sanitzer everywhere at Swan, and we wipe down hard surfaces regularly to protect you. So come on. Live your life – but be careful!


Also BJB Seafood will be in his regular parking space at the corner of N. Kentucky Ave and Bay for those who had pre-ordered items on Saturday, March 14th. If you have questions about your order you can contact him – 863.602.6854.

How to reach your favorite vendors.