Vendor Logistics for Saturday, May 30 from 8am to 1pm

We are returning to the Market in an expanded footprint (we added two blocks south of the railroad tracks on Kentucky Ave.) this Saturday, May 30 from 8am to 1pm. We will hold the Market in June, July, and August from 8am to 1pm.

How will Shared Marketing Costs work?

For Full Time Vendors:

June is free. July and August will be half-priced (i.e. If you would normally pay $80 for July, you’ll only owe $40). Any credits remaining from March will be applied to July and August’s SMCs.

For Part Time Vendors:

Attendance is a reduced rate of $20 per Market.

How do I let you know if I plan to attend? What if I’m not on the map this week?

Full Time Vendors:

If you told us that you did not plan to attend on May 30, you are not included on the map we are sending out. Please do not email us and ask where your space is. Spaces are subject to change at any time–the entire footprint is subject to change at any time. The map we are sending you this week is for May 30 only.

  • If you planned to attend and cannot find your spot, email Brittany.
  • If you do not plan to attend and you see yourself on the map, email Brittany.
  • If you do not plan to attend and you do not see yourself on the map, do not email us. We have not forgotten about you, but we did not put you on the map.

Part Time Vendors:

If you do not see yourself on the map and you would like to attend this week, email Brittany. In the future, text Jim at 863-944-7907 by Wednesday morning of the week that you want to attend.

Map and Logistics for Saturday, May 30
Here is the vendor map with entry and exit points.
Here is the parking map.

Your numbered space should already be marked on the street in paint. If the paint has faded and you can’t find your space, seek help from a neighbor. When you find your space, center your tent over the number designated for you.

Plans for the Market Store on Square

If you have products in the LDDA office, please pick them up this Saturday. If you would like us to remove them from the Square store, please let us know.

In the coming weeks, we plan to continue offering the pre-order/pick-up option on Saturdays to customers if they order from our Square store. The opportunity to list items on our store will be available to Full Time vendors only (since we will not be storing items in the LDDA office after this Saturday). We will send more logistics about this process and how you can participate in the future–this week, let’s just focus on getting the Market up and running again.

Info for SNAP/FAB Vendors Only

If you sell products eligible for SNAP/FAB (i.e. you signed a contract to accept red and/or green tokens), please remind your customers that there is unlimited matching until August 31. The Market Info/SNAP tent is now in front of the LDDA Office at 117 N. Kentucky Ave.

If you have uncashed red or green tokens and do not plan to be at the Market this summer, the last day to cash in your tokens is June 5. After this weekend, customers are not allowed to use tokens offsite.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to rearrange my tent/products for safety reasons?

Please make your tent as safe as possible for customers. If you can keep customers out of the tent and away from each other, do so. If you can minimize product touching, minimize it. If you can do touchless transactions, do them. Keep hand sanitizer visible and available to customers. Use it often.

Everyone’s situation is different, so if we see a potential problem at your tent, the Market Manager will address it with you. Now is not the time to worry about how attractive your product arrangement is–instead, think about how safe your product arrangement is. For example, consider displaying just one of each item and keeping the rest underneath your table.

Will we have to wear a mask in the summer heat?

First, we ask that EVERYONE (vendors and customers) wear a mask while in the footprint of the Market. We will have masks for sale. You can purchase a mask from our Square Store–or you can make your own lightweight fabric masks. They do not have to be medical grade. When there are no customers at your booth, you can remove your mask.

We don’t know how long we will need to wear masks. When it’s safe to not wear masks anymore, then we will obviously loosen that requirement. But we’re not there yet.

Can I have a shady spot? Can I have a spot with my back to the sun?

The summer heat is always intense–intense for customers and intense for vendors. We recommended awnings for tents (to overhang customers and provide shade), battery operated fans, and plenty of drinking water.

We are, in essence, a street Market. We have a few trees left in the Market footprint, but they will not be there forever. Most of the remaining big old trees with the large shade canopies also have unmanageable root systems that damage the sidewalk and surrounding businesses. They shed spiky seeds, which are dangerous to pedestrians and customers. They are all slated to be removed by the City eventually. So while it may appear that some streets in the newly expanded footprint are shadier than others, that is only a temporary situation.

As a result, we strongly advise purchasing or modifying your tent to create awnings and using tent panels wisely. We cannot guarantee any vendor shade, regardless of your product’s sensitivity.

Why can’t I keep my old spot? I like it a lot, it’s shady, I’ve been there forever, etc.

Unfortunately, we cannot honor your requests to stay in the same spot. We are adding two city blocks and shifting most vendors southward. Please be flexible, be open to a new location, and be open to the idea that you might love your new spot!

Since I’ll have at least 12 ft. on either side of my tent, can I spread out and add a second tent?

No, that defeats the purpose of social distancing. If everyone adds a second tent, we’ll be just as crowded together as we were before. If you currently have two or more spaces, you will be assigned the same number of spaces, but if you are wanting to add spaces, right now is not the time to make that request. Maybe ask again in September.

Please email if you have any additional questions.