Unique Eatz

Unique Eatz offers candied jalapenos and candied bacon rub.

“I created a unique taste experience with my MR. JALEP’S SWEET HEAT GOURMET CANDIED JALAPENOS. I realized there were not any locally available so I decided to take a step of faith and make them for others to enjoy. These jalapenos are candied, not pickled! They are locally sourced and canned in Lake Wales, FL. I also created a spice rub for bacon called MISS PIGGIES SWEET BACON RUB. This rub candies the bacon and I bet you’ll find it hard to have regular fried bacon again!! It can also be used on ham, on sweet potatoes, and as a smoking rib rub. And don’t forget MR. JALEP’S AMAZING GLAZE, this is the leftover goodness from making the jalapenos and makes a fantastic glaze when grilling to offer just a little kick as a finishing touch, or added into egg salad or potato salad for an unexpected twist.”

You can contact us at uniqueeatz.com, or visit our Facebook page (coming soon).