Claymore Pottery

A Note from Claymore Pottery:

I (Richard Milheiser) retired in 2009 following a 30 year career teaching high school art in West Central Wisconsin.  My creative time is now spent making functional pottery in my Eau Claire, Wisconsin studio … well, during our beautiful spring, summer and fall seasons.  My wife and I recently purchased a second home in Lakeland though, so I will be setting up a working studio here, in the garage, in the very near future.  We’ll be in Lakeland whenever the Wisconsin weather person starts talking foolishly about cold and snow.  I’ll be doing the Farmers Market on a part-time basis, and look forward to meeting area residents, and giving them an opportunity to see what retirement looks like for me.

Vendor Name: Richard Milheiser
Location: Winter – Lakeland, FL
Summer Studio – Eau Claire, WI
Phone: (715) 839-8709
Instagram: 2claymore