Bee Good To You Massage

Kathie Patterson, owner and therapist at Bee Good to You Massage and Bodywork, will be introducing an exciting technique at the market, called the Trager Approach®. This gentle therapy  helps you find a sense of well being and comfort and releases holding patterns in the body and mind. While lying comfortably on a massage table you are supported and gently moved using fluid, gentle rocking and stretching movements. Your body and mind yield to the soft movements, tensions disappear and new movement patterns become possible, allowing you to feel more freedom and ease. This therapy is gentle, but the effects are deep and lasting.

Kathie uses a variety of techniques when working with clients in her downtown Lakeland office, including therapeutic massage, Craniosacral Therapy and the Trager Approach®.  Sessions are by appointment only, Monday through Friday.


Kathie first discovered massage in 1987 while living in NYC, where she worked as a photographer. She was also an avid cyclist and volunteered frequently as support crew for bicycle racing where she was introduced to massage therapy. She eventually packed up her bicycle and two cats in her little pick up truck and moved to California to attend massage school. Since completing her training she has worked over 25 years in California and Florida with many chiropractors, athletes, spas and has maintained her private practice here for nearly 10 years.

“My goal is to help you reach a deeper state of relaxation by facilitating the release of restrictions and holding patterns that originate in the brain and deeper tissues of the body.”

Kathie will be charging $10 for 10 minute sessions and will be at the market most Saturdays.

Kathie Patterson

Call 863-670-2466.

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