I was recently sent to Link Pharmacy by my Health Care provider. When I walked in, the atmosphere at Link Pharmacy was very warm and inviting. The building was clean and well kept. I was quickly greeted by Joe. The customer service that Joe offered was fantastic. Joe was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He seems well educated and gave me tons of useful information about Modafinil prices. Joe answered all of my questions and helped me make some additional vitamin and supplement selections. Strive made filling my prescriptions: quick, simple, and pleasant. I would absolutely recommend Link Pharmacy to buy Modafinil online. Great job, guys!

First of all, it is sad when the pharmacist chews like a cow, and you can see her doing that. Very very slow since they changed the manager. They always say it will take 15-20 mins if you wait, but it’s a lie. It takes them an hour since they’re just talking in the back, and you can clearly see them. Pharmacists even asked a tech, do you know how to give a flu shot? Who does that, they should know how and where to administer a flu shot. If not, leave it to the professionals.

Sam’s Club Pharmacy
Address: 3530 Lakeland Highlands Rd, Lakeland, FL 33803, United States | Phone: (863) 644-9513 | Website: https://www.samsclub.com/

The pharmacy is excellently staffed. The end. More? Okay, this is a weird version of a general store with lots of random things – especially for SCRAPBOOKING. If you visit Bellows Falls, check it out. Big chain pharmacies should take note- the retail aisles are diagonal to the walls, maximizing the browsing area in front of the pharmacy counter. Instead of wasting that space on potty chairs and adult diapers (like Rite Aid, for instance), Sam’s Club Pharmacy use it well. Years ago, I visited this store and noticed a comfy chair beside a table with motorcycle books near the scrapbooking section. They don’t have long hours, but they do offer free delivery to the surrounding area.

They COULD NOT spell my daughters 5 letter name correctly on two different prescriptions. When I called to sort it out, they insisted that her doctor spelled it wrong and when the person I spoke to read it back, it was correct. Nice try with shifting the blame. The person inputting the name just could not compute it, which is a bit scary considering the DRUGS they are giving out.

Address: 722 E Memorial Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33801, United States | Phone: (863) 583-4999 | Website: https://www.quicknsaverx.com/

Love… Love… LOVE Pharmacist Kathryn and Pharmacist Jamie!! So patient… so thorough and detailed oriented… so friendly as they pay close attention to their customers as individuals, not a number in a crowd. I am on several medications, and any time something new like Modafinil is added, they carefully review any drug interactions and have cautioned me to check with my physicians when needed! I trust and depend on them for their wisdom and delight in their thoughtfulness! The staff is also very quick, dependable, and has a smile for you! I highly recommend them to everyone I know and even strangers I meet!! Thank you, QUICK N SAVE PHARMACY, for being the best mixture of professional and friendly!

Absolute worst pharmacy in the system. Currently, I’m sitting in the drive-through, which should only be for drop-offs and pickups, and I’ve been here for 20 minutes. The car currently at the tube side has been there for at least 15 minutes. Apparently, the staff is filling prescriptions while people wait!! I still have two more cars in front of me. LAST TIME I EVER CAME HERE!!!

Genoa Healthcare
Address: 1831 Gilmore Ave #1, Lakeland, FL 33805, United States | Phone: (863) 614-0066 | Website: https://www.genoahealthcare.com/

I don’t write reviews very often, but the entire pharmacy staff at this Genoa Healthcare deserves more than 5 stars if I could provide it. I genuinely wish I could work with these people in other aspects of my life beyond just pharmacy. In a time where I find myself constantly let down by professional or customer service individuals, the members of this pharmacy staff continue to go above and beyond for me with no apparent gain for themselves. So many times, they exceed my expectations: from filling my prescription in a matter of minutes to finding new discount coupons to lower my cost, to giving me recommendations on questions I have. Joel and his team truly are wonderful and have earned my business for life.

The employee wouldn’t check to see if Provogil was in stock for me when I called up there. Just said they received a truck today, but nothing was unloaded, and it’s all in totes in the back, so she doesn’t know what they had. Every other Walgreens I’ve called had at least attempted in check instead of just saying she didn’t know.