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Due to the large number of vendors already on our roster, we have changed our application process.  Applications are only open twice per year – the month of June and the month of December.

The Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market was established in 2004 and enjoys between 3500 and 5500 customers each Saturday (depending on weather and season).  The Market currently has 230 vendors on its roster with an average of 125 in attendance on any given Saturday.

The Market is owned and operated by the Lakeland Downtown Development Authority and vendors must undergo a rigorous application and orientation process. Before applying, it is in your best interest to read all of the Frequently Asked Questions below to 1) determine if this Market is the right fit for your business and 2) so that you better understand the process.

If your are looking for general customer FAQs about the Market, please see the FAQ link.

What kind of vendors are accepted at the Farmers Curb Market?

The Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market emphasizes homegrown, handmade and homemade items with some exceptions depending on the product type.  Non-food vendors must meet high standards of craft/artisan designation by the Market committee. Food vendors are a broad category which includes cottage food items, packaged foods and ready to eat foods.

What kind of vendors are NOT ACCEPTED at the Farmers Curb Market?

We are not a “flea market” or a place for ordinary resale of products or independent consultants/distributors or marketing of service businesses looking for a place to advertise or collect new clients OR a place for retail stores or restaurants/food or drink stores to set up a remote location. We do not accept FOOD TRUCKS due to lack of space but some small trailers may be accepted.

How much does it cost to be a Vendor at the Market?

Vendors pay Shared Marketing Costs (SMC) $30 per attendance.   Produce farmers get a discount as long as they exclusively sell their home grown produce. Additional space available at an additional cost.

You can read more details about what is expected and definitions of SMC HERE.

Are sales subject to sales tax?

Yes. Vendors are responsible for charging and collecting sales tax for items that require it. Vendors must provide the Market with their Sales Tax Certificate.

What licenses are needed to sell food at the Market?

Sales Tax License is required for those selling items that are taxable including ready-to-eat foods.
Vendors who prepackaged food items who are not regulated under the Cottage Food Act must be licensed with the Department of Agriculture. To learn more about the requirements contact the Department of Agriculture at 850.245.5520.

Vendors with products deemed Cottage Foods are not regulated by the Department of Agriculture.  Read the attached Cottage Food Documents below for more information.

Vendors who sell ready-to-eat foods are regulated by the Department of Health and require a license through the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and a Food Handlers License. Their contact number is 850.487.1395.

Vendors who only sell at the Downtown Farmers Curb Market are covered by the Market’s Business Tax License with the City of Lakeland.  If vendors sell elsewhere they should have their own Business Tax License.

What licenses are needed to sell plants at the Market?

In order to sell plants at the Market, vendors must have either a nursery license or a stock dealer license. Click here to learn more.

Are non-profits allowed to set up at the Market?

Yes, 501c3 organizations with approval of the Market Manager are allowed once per quarter and only as space allows.

How are the locations of the Vendors determined?

The Market Manager determines the location of vendors based on space availability, vendor products,  and needs and overall flow of the Market. Vendors do not get to chose their locations.

Can Vendor space be shared by multiple businesses?

No. You may not invite other businesses to be in your space.

How long does it take before a business can begin as a vendor at the Market?

Applications are open June 1-June 30 and December 1 – December 31. NOT ALL APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED. If you are accepted, from the application to your first day as a vendor may take up to 3 weeks.  The application process requires the completion of many vendors forms, the submission of any required permits or licenses and insurance required by the products you wish to sell and the completion of a vendor orientation.  If you complete the onboarding process in a timely manner, June applications would start in September and December applications would start in March.

How do I apply to be a vendor at the Downtown Lakeland Farmers Curb Market?

You can use the link below to take you the application page. Applications are closed but for the open application periods of June and December.