The intent of this hardship application is to provide full time vendors the opportunity to apply for financial relief for absences from the market due to circumstances beyond their control. For example: severe illness. Hardships will need to be reviewed and approved by the Market committee.

Shared marketing costs (SMC) are not reduced or waived if the vendor attends the Market.

As a reminder, per your agreement, full time vendors pay monthly shared marketing costs (SMC) that are already at a discounted rate. Therefore random absences within a given month are not credited back against SMC. See detailed definition in vendor agreement. 

Two types of financials adjustments based on hardships can be applied:

  1. Missed market days within a month due to hardship can be credited back on a future invoice to a full time vendor.
  2. Full time vendors who are out of the Market for a month or more due to hardship will have their SMC waived while absent from the Market and will not be charged an inactive rate. Category and space will be reserved while they are absent due to hardship.

Please fill out the hardship application below.

Vendor Hardship Form
Full Time Farmers Curb Market Vendors who have a hardship such as extended illness, family crisis, major product disruption can apply for a hardship exemption from the shared marketing costs. Vendors must notify Market staff via this form to request the exemption. The exemption may last up to 6 weeks and requires and end date. Any extensions must be requested by the vendor in writing and will be reviewed by Market staff.