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So You Want to Be a Vendor…

The Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market is open every Saturday, September through July, on N. Kentucky Avenue. in Downtown Lakeland. Market hours are September – May 8am-2pm; June & July 8am-1pm.

We emphasize handmade, homegrown, wholesome products, with a few exceptions that are carefully controlled.  For this reason, not all vendor applications are accepted. Careful consideration is given to the product mix at the Market as well as products that might compete with our Bricks & Mortar Downtown neighbors. Highest priority is given to produce and other high quality packaged food products that support a farmers market atmosphere.

Space is limited by product category, not necessarily by the Market’s overall space availability. We are not a “flea market” or a place for ordinary resale of products or independent consultants/distributors or marketing of service businesses looking for a place to advertise or collect new clients. Non-food vendors must meet high standards of craft/artisan designation by the Market committee.

***At this time we have met the threshold for the following categories.
Applications from these categories will be immediately wait-listed. Waitlisted items are not limited to this list. 

Updated December 2023

Ice cream

Shaved ice, Sno-cones
Coffee & Coffee Products
Bottled Juices
Lemonade – all ready to drink drinks
Hand crafted wood signs
Steel cut signs and decor
Embroidery items
Crochet items
Macrame items
Resin items
Screen print items ( including but not limited to T-shirts, other clothing, bags, stickers, decals. etc)
Sublimation items
Re-sale of herbs/plants
Popcorn Products
Candles/Essential Oils
Soaps/bath products/body products
Headbands/hair accessories
Pet items/treats/apparel
Baked goods – cupcakes, cakes, cookies, muffins, pastries, etc.
Hats, bags, purses

Vendors applying with any of these products will be automatically added to our waiting list.


There are many products that are not appropriate for the Market including but not limited to:

• businesses who want to advertise a service
• businesses with an existing bricks & mortar (commercial/retail location)
• multi-level marketing products
• mass produced, manufactured items that are re-packaged and/or minimally altered by the vendor
• items that are pre-manufactured such as tumblers, mugs, t-shirts, etc.
• advocacy groups that are not a 501c3 organization – either selling items or dispersing information
• Political groups or candidates
• CBD products
• Supplements

How does the application process work?

Potential vendors are processed in the order they are received via the Online Application Form below.  Decisions are not made over the phone or at the Market, so please be sure to follow the steps found here to apply.

The process may take several weeks as we ensure that the Market maintains the perfect balance of the highest quality products and that all required license and permits are secured by each vendor prior to beginning at the Market.  Contacts with applicants throughout the application process are via email so that Market management can track communications. Applications are processed once a week – on Wednesday mornings, so depending on when an application is submitted, a response may take up to 7 days to be sent.

STEP 1 : Get to Know the Market

Before applying to be a vendor, we suggest visiting the Market to browse the products sold and experience its atmosphere.  The Market Manager is on site each Saturday to manage the operations of the Market. She is NOT available to discuss the vendor process in detail on these busy Saturdays, which is why the process is detailed here. You may also want to speak with some of the vendors to get their experiences at the Market. Our Facebook page  is another great way to get a feel for what goes on here and get a sense of our community.

STEP 2 : Review the Vendor Agreement and the Rules & Regulations

You can read a generic version of the agreement details at this link: AGREEMENT DETAILS

Vendors do not rent space at the Market. Fees are based on the vendor’s rate for Shared Marketing Costs (SMC). You can read about Shared Marketing Costs in the agreement details linked above. Vendors who do not commit to a full-time or seasonal agreement are considered part-time.  Part-time SMC costs are paid weekly at a rate of $30 per week. Seasonal vendors and full-time vendors pay monthly, and rates ranging from $80 per month to $120 per month.


  • Vendors do not need a business tax license from the city or county IF THE ONLY LOCATION THEY SELL THEIR GOODS IS AT the Downtown Farmers Curb Market. The Market’s tax licenses cover the vendors  at the Market but not other markets or locations that vendors wishes to participate in. Vendors who sell at other locations besides the Downtown Farmers Curb Market, including ONLINE SALES,  still need a county and city business tax license to sell at those locations.
  • All Vendors who sell taxable foods/goods must have a sales tax ID number. Be prepared to send a copy of your tax ID certificate as part of the required documents. You will also be required to display your certificate at your booth each Saturday.

Food Vendors have different criteria depending on whether they qualify under the Cottage Food Act  or require state licensing through the Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) or the Department of Agriculture (see links at the bottom of the page).  But all  food vendors & some farmers are required to have general liability insurance with the LDDA and City of Lakeland as an additional insured. See the details about this in the vendor agreement details text linked above.

To better understand the required food licenses, etc. please refer to this diagram:

NON-FOOD Vendors require only a sales tax certificate.

STEP 3 : Complete the New Vendor Application Online Form Below. To ensure that each application is answered timely and in order to track the status of the application process, we require that the online application form be completed. Step 4 can be done in conjunction with but not instead of step 3. Be sure to list IN DETAIL ALL the products you wish to sell, including food ingredients such as dairy, vegetables, and meats. This is used to determine your eligibility and the vendor agreement type we send you to complete if accepted.  Vague information will automatically be rejected.

You can not change or add to your product list once approved without starting the process over again.


STEP 4 : Submit Your Products’ photos via Email – send to 

Immediately after completing the online vendor application form above, prospective vendors should email the Market Manager with descriptions and photos of what you wish to sell at the Market. The more detail the better.  The Market is now requiring creative process pictures or a video for vendors who create their products. The Market Manager can not and will not make product decisions over the phone or at the Market. She needs to see examples of what is to be sold and a description of the process of how it is made. Sometimes the Market has met its threshold of a certain type of vendor/product category and any additional applications go on a waiting list. For example, we wouldn’t want 4 different coffee vendors!

Maybe you represent a non-profit 501c3 organization and would like a table at the Market to share your information. We allow that on a limited basis, with the approval of the Market Manager. We require non-profits who wish to set up to 1) Provide something of value to the Market’s customers like a small treat along with information and 2) Stay for the duration of the Market’s hours, 8 a.m. – 2 p.m., unless prior exceptions have been granted by the Market Manager. 3) Complete the Vendor Application Form Online. These applications are also only processed once per week. If approved you will be sent an agreement to fill out and return.

We are always looking for new vendors and we are glad to receive all applications! Even if a category is full today, that does not mean we won’t have a need in the near future. It is best to fill out the Vendor Application Form and get started in the process. Thanks for your interest, and we hope you can join us!

STEP 5 : Once your application has been reviewed, we will email you. If approved, we will send a series of emails with required paperwork to be filled out and returned along  with required licenses, etc. We will also send you an invoice via email for the $30 refundable deposit. See the agreement for the conditions by which the deposit is refundable.

We do not begin processing any paperwork sent to us until the deposit is paid. 

You are not eligible to set up at the Market until all required paperwork is turned in, you have completed your over the phone orientation call with the Market Manager AND you have received the “Welcome to the Market” email from LDDA staff. 


Vendor Application
Applications are reviewed by a committee once per week. It may take up to 10 days for you to receive a decision on your application status. All inquiries should be directed to
Step 1 of 2

Reference materials:

Department of Revenue – Apply for a sales tax certificate here
Department of Agriculture Cottage Food Information
Department of Agriculture Food Permit Information

Department of Business & Professional Regulation

Department of Agriculture Feed Master Registration

Department of Agriculture Fertilizer Registration & Labeling Guidelines

 SNAP VENDOR AGREEMENT – Only SNAP eligible food product vendors need this agreement

Do you need a commissary? We know of 1: