We try to do our best to ensure that the client is satisfied with the cost of Ivermectin and returns again. With the use of these services, customers can search through the assortment, find the products they need, read its descriptions, and place an Stromectol order that will be delivered asap.

Eagle Pharmacy
Address: 350 Eagles Landing Dr, Lakeland, FL 33810, United States | Phone: (855) 748-2663 | Website: https://www.eaglepharmacy.com/

Prescriptions are always on time!! All pharmacists are extremely helpful with explaining Stromectol medications and interactions. Highly recommend! It is nice to be treated by friendly, happy familiar faces who truly care and know you by name. It’s nice not to be a number as you are at the majority of the chain pharmacies.

Eagle Pharmacy is absolutely the worst pharmacy I’ve been to in decades. Ivermectin prescriptions get lost, referrals never get sent in, and Dan will look you in the face and quote the TV show House. He, in particular, is unhelpful in the extreme, you have to lead him every step along the way, and he will ignore everything you tell him. Staff is not helpful when you have an issue and will consistently pass the buck and have you call another office, another number, another department.

Ariana Pharmacy
Address: 1354 Ariana St, Lakeland, FL 33803, United States | Phone: (863) 603-3430 | Website: https://www.arianapharmacy.com/

I love Ariana Pharmacy. I’m no longer going to Walgreens or commercial pharmacies again. One worker helped me and gave me a lot of knowledge. I love that it is black-owned and local. The staff is friendly. They take precautions with covid. I would definitely recommend and continue going. Hope this helps anyone interested.

Love this place. Always up to date on all Ivermectin medication. Always take safety precautions, and safety measures have been in effect since this covid started. All the people who work there. Are very knowledgeable, and always willing to help u understand and/or learn about what’s new to your specific conditions and etc.

FamilyCare Discount Pharmacy
Address: 1228 W Daughtery Rd, Lakeland, FL 33810, United States | Phone:  (863) 272-6391 | Website: https://www.familycarediscountpharmacy.com/

The current team at cub pharmacy is beyond awesome!! They are always patient even during busy times!! The technicians are fabulous, and the Pharmacists are always pleasant, patient, and professional. Your team is what keeps me coming back to FamilyCare Discount Pharmacy!!!! Warm smiles and greetings are a staple at the pharmacy.

Signed up for the text alerts. Never get them when the scripts are ready. This time one of my scripts needed prior authorization. No one could be bothered to call either myself or the doctor’s office to get authorization, and I was only notified that I needed authorization when I went to see if either of my scripts were ready. Save yourself the trouble and go to the FamilyCare Discount Pharmacy. Do not recommend to buy Ivermectin for sale here.

Cleveland Heights Pharmacy
Address: 3405 Cleveland Heights Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33803, United States | Phone: (863) 646-5041 | Website: https://www.clevelandheightspharmacy.com/

This pharmacy is chaotic. The staff there has no idea what it’s doing. They’ve provided me with incorrect information about Stromectol prices multiple times, have incorrectly tried to charge me for prescriptions, and have overall wasted my time and energy for far too long. I’ve called the corporate office a few times about this as well, but they’ve failed to follow up with me. The customer service overall with Cleveland Heights Pharmacy is just unacceptable.

I always assumed that Guardian Pharmacy would be more expensive than the big chain pharmacies. I have recently switched my prescriptions to them because one of them was more than $20 cheaper. They are much faster as well! They have also helped someone near and dear to me, and I’m forever grateful.