Sweet Corn Arepa

Sweet Corn Arepa will be offering a delicious dish from Colombia–a Corn sandwich with mozzarella cheese, or “Arepa” in Spanish–and people will love it!
Owner Name: Luis A. Marquez
Location: Auburndale, FL
Email: pikino1@msn.com
Phone Number: 863-514-8314

How long have you been in business?

5 years

How did you get started?

At the Lakeland farmers market

What kind of products/services do you offer?

Colombian based recipe: sweet corn sandwich/ Arepa.

What’s your favorite product/service that you offer?

delicious corn sweet sandwich

What’s one thing that your customers might not know about you personally–or about your product/service?

The tips that we collect is donated every month to help feeding children in Venezuela.

What do you enjoy about being a vendor at the Downtown Farmers Curb Market?

The interaction with customers and other vendors.

What is one thing that you plan to do in the future–in other words, what are your goals/dreams for your business?

Open my own place to be able to offer more products and better service to my customers.