Steampunk Garage

We specialize in men’s and women’s heavy-duty jewelry using stainless steel and allergy-free titanium.  So you know chainmaille? Like the armor knights used to wear? That’s what we do.  Except a modern edgy version of it!  We coil and cut all our own rings from scratch and then weave them together one-ring-at-a-time.  Then we mix it with keys, clock parts, nails, and recycled hardware. We also have these sweet steampunk utility belts that Eve makes which you can use instead of lugging your purse around. Did I mention we have lots of guy stuff? Wallet chains, pocketwatch chains, bracelets, keychains, etc. All with a lifetime guarantee against abuse of any kind.

I have a crazy show schedule so follow me on Facebook or TXT me to find out when I’ll be set up!

Location: Kissimmee, FL
Contact: Jenifer Martinez
Phone: 650-305-9699