Ethos Roasters
Ethos Roasters is a new craft coffee roastery in Lakeland, devoted to finding the best ethically-sourced beans, roasting them to perfection in micro-batches and bringing them to the market within hours of roasting. They buy exclusively from small farmer coffee cooperatives (many women-led) around the world and support Fair-Trade -or higher- standards. Their head roaster holds degrees in Engineering and Food Science (PhD). Their dream is to set an example of how a better coffee experience can also support a better livelihood for the people who grow it, more sustainable farming practices, and a business model that rewards quality and sustainability and makes the world a better place. They couldn’t be happier to call Lakeland home and look forward to making the city proud.
Owner Name: Lisbeth Pacheco
Phone Number: 863-940-0060
How long have you been in business?
4 years
How did you get started?
Ethos has been a long-time dream! We wanted to build a company that makes a difference in the lives of people trapped in a cycle of poverty. The best coffee happens to grow in some of our world’s poorest areas, so it was a perfect fit for two coffee-obsessed people wanting to make a difference! Through our coffee, we’ve been able to impact the lives of small farmers by working directly and championing better prices for them. Our work with Guatemalan farmers, for example, has allowed them to buy their own green coffee processing equipment last year, and send all their children to school!

What kind of products/services do you offer?

  • Freshly roasted coffee beans (all our beans are roasted fresh for the market every week!)
  • Freshly roasted, ground, and brewed hot coffee (with Organic milk and Organic sugar optional).
  • Craft Cold Brew (with local honey as a sweetener option).

What’s your favorite product/service that you offer?

Our coffee beans!

What’s one thing that your customers might not know about you personally–or about your product/service?

We’re grateful to each of them much more than they’ll never know! For us, Ethos is so much more than a roastery–it is the way we’re trying to make an impact in the world, it’s a dream come true!

What do you enjoy about being a vendor at the Downtown Farmers Curb Market?

The amazing community of kind people looking to connect and support local businesses! We truly believe its one of THE best markets in the whole country! And of course, the best one in Florida, and they only one we attend–every single Saturday!

What is one thing that you plan to do in the future–in other words, what are your goals/dreams for your business?

We’d love to continue our amazing organic growth trajectory… at the market, of course, and also online at – where we’d like to continue seeing new and loyal customers and subscribers! We’re also hoping to meet and serve many more local shops and businesses!