Aqua Organics

Aqua Organics was begun by Michael Musoke in 2007. Miriam, whom most people know from the Market, joined her husband in 2012. Aqua Organics is a family farm that is dedicated to promoting practical solutions. “Recycle” is their motto. They utilize and combine solar energy, rain water catchment, and aquaponics to greatly reduce their footprint on the environment.

Aquaponics blends aquaculture with hydroponics to maximize production while reducing the negative side effects of most traditional farming disciplines, such as the hazards of fertilizers to the environment and over use of water. It’s a re-circulating system–the nutrient rich water from the fish farm is piped to the hydroponic system where the vegetables act as a filter and clean the water by taking up all the nutrients and returning it to the fish house. This eliminates expensive filtration devices and expensive nutrients.

Aqua Organics raises Tilapia, Crappie, Koi, Cichlids, Australian Red Claw Crawfish, and other tropical fish in their tanks. The vegetables they produce are mostly leafy greens, multiple lettuce varieties, kale, tomatoes, Swiss chard, celery, green onions, mint, collards, green beans, peppers and more. Miriam says, “We love feeding the community with un-certified but organically grown produce! See you Saturdays at the Market!”

Owner Name: Miriam Shapiro
Location: Polk City, Florida
Phone Number: 352-222-4086 or 352-262-9026

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