AJ’s Lemonade
Business Name: AJ’s Lemonade
Vendor Name: AJ Ramos
How long have you been in business?
4 years
How did you get started?
As an addition to our concession business and its been a hit since day one.
What kind of products/services do you offer?
We serve huge 32oz cups of lemonade, orangeade and limeade. We also offer drinks in mason jars as souvenirs and occasionally will offer 64oz jugs and take home jars.
What’s your favorite product/service that you offer?
We like all our products, but we like to mix and match our citrus and flavors.
What’s one thing that your customers might not know about you personally–or about your product/service?
We do catering and also have a funnel cake concession business.
What is one thing that you plan to do in the future–in other words, what are your goals/dreams for your business?
Have a permanent location for all my sweets and treats